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Technology, Experience & Quality are incorporated in every Stagg performance Twin Tube gas Shock/Strut achieving maximum vehicle handling without compromising ride quality.

Stagg gas Shocks & Struts are precision engineered to provide the ulitmate in smooth ride and handling. Our R&D team works vigorously to find that perfect balance between comfort and performance in every single Stagg Shock & Strut.

Our products are made with the highest quality materials that meet and exceed industry standards. Careful precision manufacturing reflects directly in the end product and that is what we deliver. STAGG shocks & struts provide a true high quality shock that combines value with performance.



SHS High performance dampening technology allows you to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable daily driven ride while giving you a big handling improvement.

By utilizing cutting edge technology we precision mill our shock & strut piston rods to allow smooth operation and reliability of the shocks function. For added safety, performance and long term consistency we use nitrogen gas pressure to minimize the negative effects of foaming and cavitation, this in turn provides better cornering and more consistent shock absorber performance. NOK top of the line seals are used in all of our SHS shocks to insure a perfect seal and a long lasting top performing shock & strut.

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